What are the advantages of block machine?

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Cement block making machine can be used for multiple purposes, and it can produce block products of different shapes and specifications with different molds. The mechanical structure of each part is easy to observe, the operation is simple, the maintenance is convenient, and the failure is not easy to ensure normal production operation.

  • What are the advantages of block machine?

  • What are the equipment features of the Cement block making machine?

  • Where is the environmental protection value of the Automatic block machine reflected?

What are the advantages of block machine?

The unique blanking and arch-breaking device of the block machine enables the material to be quickly and evenly fed into the mold box, the special double-end synthetic output vibration technology, and the reasonable vibrator arrangement make the excitation force evenly distributed in the vibrating table, thereby ensuring the weight of the product, consistency of strength.

The block machine adopts electromechanical hydraulic integration technology and high-quality electrical and hydraulic components so that each cycle process of the equipment operation is accurate and consistent, and the comprehensive performance is stable and reliable. The product size is accurate, the quality is stable, and the efficiency is improved.


What are the equipment features of the Cement block making machine?

◎ One machine can produce more than 10 kinds of non-burning bricks of different specifications, such as hollow blocks, porous bricks, standard bricks, etc. Safe and stable operation and easy maintenance.

◎ Cement block making machine produces 26 standard bricks every 15 seconds; 12 perforated paver every 25 seconds, 1728 bricks per hour;

◎The core components of the Cement block making machine are manufactured with precision, and the anti-fatigue design is adopted, which prolongs the service life of the host.

◎ Strong excitation force, the strength can reach 2.5~15MPa under the condition of common mixing ratio.

◎ Cement block making machine adopts double-rod guide mode and well-matched super-long guide sleeve to ensure the accurate operation of the indenter and the mold. The base and key parts are integrally cast, and the outer frame is made of thick-walled super-strength steel and special welding technology.

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Where is the environmental protection value of Automatic block machine reflected?

Automatic block machines have a long service life and low maintenance costs:

The molds used in Automatic block machine are wear-resistant steel molds, so their service life is higher than that of other old-fashioned molds and the maintenance cost is much lower;

Automatic block machine has high production efficiency and good product quality:

The pressing process of Automatic block machine is all controlled automatically by PLC without manual operation, so the output is high and the quality of blocks are high density!

Automatic block machine can be widely used in the manufacture of sand-lime mortar solid porous and hollow blocks for the construction of highway and railway tunnel projects, urban square residential quarters, and other places!

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