What types of machines do we need for concrete block production?

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To set up a concrete block factory, it requires a suitable block/brick making production line. The concrete block/brick production line provided by Hawen Machinery can be designed according to customer’s investment budget and output requirement.

If the bulk cement is available locally,the block production line will be designed with cement silo,which come with automatic cement weighing system,automatic batching and mixing system,automatic forming system,pallet supply and block stacker system.

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Overview of the whole concrete block making plant(I)

The equipments to be included in the production line as follows:

Batching machine: storage raw material, like sand, crush stone,slag, or other industrial waste material.

Concrete Mixer: mix aggregate and cement together into concrete.The concrete mixer can either Twin-shaft concrete mixer or Planetary Concrete mixer. The system to transfer the raw material can be bucket hoist hopper system or conveyor belt system.

Cement and water scale: weigh cement & water automatically(the proportion is more accurate)

Screw conveyor: take cement from cement silo to cement scale automatically.

Cement Silo:storage cement, it need cement pump truck to pump cement to it.

Belt conveyor:transfer mixed concrete to block machine

Block making machine & Facemix device: the main part to form block/brick and if customer need to produce paving stone with topping color, the facemix device is required.

Belt conveyor for color paver:it transfer the mixed face material(fine sand,white cement, pigment) to facemix device hopper.

Mixer for face material: mix fine sand and white cement and pigment together

Automatic Block Stacker: stack wet block layer by layer in order,for hollow block,generally to be stacked into 3 layers,for paving stone,can stack up to 6-7 layers.

1. If only packed cement is available locally,customer could starts the block making plant starts from Concrete mixer,the cement will be put into the bucket hopper of concrete mixer directly.It is suitable for customer start with small and medium capacity of plant.

Overview of the whole concrete block making plant(II)

Concrete Mixer:Put the packed cement and aggregate into mixer bucket directly
Belt conveyorwill take the mixed concrete from concrete mixer to block making machine hopper.facemix device if need to produce paver)

Block making machine(Main forming system),the concrete block or paving stone will be formed here in this part,and the concrete block will be transferred by wet block conveyor to block stacker.

Automatic block Stacker,same as the first option,it can stack the block and brick into 3-5 layers,then forklift will be transferred to the wet block curing yard.

Concrete batching machine(Optional equipment): with this batching machine,raw material will be weighed automatically,it will be discharged to the hopper of concrete mixer after batching.

The other accessories for the concrete block factory set up:

Diesel Forklift: capacity at 3Ton, 1-2 set is required.

- Payloader: capacity at 1.6Ton~3Ton is required.(If the block making plant without batching machine,then the payloader is not required)

Production pallet(Generally GMT Pallet or PVC Pallet is recommended),the quantity of pallet at 1000~2000pcs according to customer’s budget and production requirement.

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