One set of QT4-15 Automatic Block Making Plant newly delivered in Jamaica

In the middle of December 2022,Hawen Machinery delivered one set of QT4-15 Automatic Block,Brick and Paver Making Plant to Jamaica new player of Concrete Hollow Block Industry.  Since Bureau of Standards Jamaica launched DJS 35: 2021 standards for concrete hollow blocks and ready-mixed concrete, 70% of hollow blocks sampled and tested had failed to meet the minimum required standard. Our customer CWIG was searching good quality China Hollow Block Machines for months to fill the new rising demand of DJS 35:2021 Standard compliance good quality blocks. We won for CWIGs final decision throughout professional technical discussion of our block machine system and detailed study on the Jamaica Hollow Block dimensions.

Machine in Workshop.jpg

QT4-15 fully automatic block machine:block making machine, automatic  block  stacker, automatic pallet feeder, hydraulic station, PLC control cabinet.

In line with our constant principle for quality concern of customers’ machines, we assembled and tested QT4-15 hollow block machine, brick making machine and paving brick making machine for our Jamaica customer to produce hollow blocks under Bureau of Standards Jamaica DJS 35: 2021 standards before shipment.


After successfully testing of the QT4-15 block making machine for Jamaica customer, we disassemble the machine line and leave to our painting department to do the finishing and painting.

Container loading of QT4-15 brick making machine to Jamaica customer.

Container loading pic.jpg

Our block machine installation and commissioning engineer will fly to Jamaica as soon as the container arrive at customers job site. Our engineer will help training Jamaican operator to run the machine and doing trial quantity productions for 4 inches, 6 inches and 8 inches hollow blocks which are most popular sizes of building blocks in Jamaica.

We strongly believe that our Jamaica client will be succeed in their new investment for this concrete block making plant in Jamaica with our QT4-15 block machine,brick machine and paver machine from China Hawen Machinery.

Please dont hesitate to write and message us if you have any interests for new development or expansion of your current factory.

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