Supplied High End hollow block Mold and interlocking paver molds in UAE

 By the end of November 2022, we delivered another 2 sets of high-end interlocking paver molds and 1 set of 8’’ hollow block mold to our United Arab Emirates customer who already purchased more than 15 molds from us since 2020.

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Hawen high-end concrete hollow block molds and paver stone molds are made of low-carbon alloy high-strength carburizing steel, and the gap between the upper and lower sides of the mold is processed accurately through a wire cutting process, with a gap of 0.8-1mm. The mold core adopts the carburizing heat treatment process, and the suspension plate adopts imported wear-resistant high-strength structural steel, which makes the mold more wear-resistant and durable.


With the application of the advanced multi-functional heat treatment, all processes are controlled by the PLC, without any manual intervention, and the result of heat treatment is ensured from multiple angles.

We concentrate on the hardness and accuracy of the press head and mold frame in all procedures of the manufacturing of concrete block molds, and cement paving brick molds.

As for concrete paving block molds, we apply high hardness and wear resistance coating on the surface for the cavities of the concrete paver mold frame. This coating can make the mold last twice as stiff as normal steel and double the density of steel to guarantee a long life of concrete paving block molds.

Hawen Machinery will do the fitness test of concrete hollow block mold and cement paving brick mold for our United Arab Emirates client to make sure the molds can work perfectly when they arrive at the client's working site.


Finishing, painting and packing for concrete hollow blocks molds and paving brick mold for UAE customers KVM block making machine.

Our molds are innovative, versatile, and capable of making the highest quality concrete products. We can also custom manufacture molds for virtually any other machinery manufacturers in the industry, such as Tiger block machine, Hess Paving Brick Machine, Masa Curbstone Machine, Zenith Fly Ash Brick Machine, KVM Block Machine, etc.

Should you have any inquiries about our high-end hollow block molds, solid brick molds, and paving bricks/stones molds, please dont hesitate to send us your inquiry.

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