QT4-15 block making machine for customer from Guinea West Africa Tested in workshop before delivery

By the end of September, another one QT4-15 automatic block making machine was tested in the workshop,which is the third automatic block machine tested for overseas customer on September 2022.


QT4-15 block making machine under testing in workshop

The customer who ordered this QT4-15 block making machine is from Europe,will set up the block making plant in Guinea.

Guinea is located on the west coast of West Africa, bordered by Guinea-Bissau, Senegal and Mali to the north, Côte d'Ivoire to the east, Sierra Leone and Liberia to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The coastline is about 352 kilometers/Guinea is rich in natural resources and is known as a "geological miracle". The reserves of aluminum and iron ore are large and of high grade, among which the proven reserves of aluminum ore rank first in the world. In addition, there are diamonds, gold, copper, uranium, cobalt, lead, zinc and so on. Rich in water resources, it is the birthplace of the three major rivers in West Africa, and is known as the "Water Tower in West Africa".

As the Guinean government's investment in infrastructure construction continues increaing, more and more customers finds the business opportunities in the building materials market especially the concrete products business.

Hawen QT4-15 Block making machine is a small size block machine, it is economic and suitable for new start block business customer. It is a multifunctional block making machine allows to make the hollow block, paving stone and curb stone by changing the mould only.


OT4-15 block machine machine capacity:

This QT4-15 block making machine come with facemix device,it allows to make the interlocking paver with topping color.

Hexagonal paver at 228x198x60mm made by QT4-15 paver block making machine at 7pcs/drop

Hollow block at 400x100x200mm at 8pcs/drop made by QT4-15 block making machine

The machine has been dismantled in our factory and will start the painting process.

Hopefully the machine will be shipped to Conakry Guinea before within October.

Our technician will go to Guinea after the machine arrived, who will guild customer installation and commissioning in site and training. Help customer start to run machine and produce final product as soon as possible, hope it is a good purchase experience for our customer and expect long time cooperation.




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