QT15 block making machine delivered to customer in Viet Nam

QT15 block making machine delivered to customer in Viet Nam.

We loaded one set of QT15 block making machine to our customer in Viet Nam dated 22nd March 2024. 


The client have placed order for 2 sets of QT10 block machine some years back. They purchased the QT15 fully automatic block machine in Jan.2024 since the QT15 brick machine can give big production, and high-strength bricks.

With the ability to produce standard blocks, hollow blocks, and interlocking blocks, QT15 block machine is versatile and efficient. 

It is perfect for use in large-scale production settings, such as industrial factories or construction sites, where reliable and high-performance block-making machines are essential.


The advantages of the Hawen QT15 block making machine may include the following:
1. High production efficiency: The block making machine can produce blocks at a high speed, which helps to improve the production efficiency and meets the large demand for blocks.
2. Versatile block shapes and sizes: This machine can produce various shapes and sizes of blocks to meet different construction needs.
3. High-quality blocks: The machine is designed to ensure the production of high-quality blocks with uniform texture, good strength, and precise dimensions.
4. Easy to operate and maintain: The block making machine is usually designed with user-friendly operation and maintenance features, which makes it easier for operators to control and maintain the machine.
5. Cost-effective: By using QT15 block making machine, you can achieve large-scale production and reduce labor costs, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing overall production costs.
6. Customization options: Some block making machines offer customization options, allowing you to produce blocks with specific designs, logos, or other customization requirements.
7. Energy efficiency: Modern block making machines are often designed to be energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and environmental impact.
8. Reliability and durability: Well-made block making machines are built to last, providing durability and reliability in long-term production operations.

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