Hess BF80 Thermal Insulation Block Moulds in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

In the rapidly evolving construction landscape of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the demand for high-quality, energy-transformation, and innovative building materials is rising. 

Thermal block (also called “Insulation block, or insolation block) is a crucial component that has gained significant attention in housing constructions.


The UAE's construction sector is known for its ambitious projects and modern architectural designs. thermal blocks enable the creation of unique and aesthetically pleasing structures, meeting the high standards the market sets. 

Their durability and strength ensure the longevity of the buildings, making them a reliable choice for developers and contractors.

HESS BF80 egg laying machine mould 03.jpg

The thermal block molds can produce thermal blocks that present a lucrative business opportunity. Our customer can use Hess HYDROMAT BF 80 egg laying machine to produce quality thermal blocks by our moulds to meet local requirements, can contribute to the growth of the construction sector in this dynamic and prosperous region.

HESS BF80 egg laying machine mould 01.jpg

Thermal blocks offer numerous advantages in the construction industry. They provide enhanced insulation properties, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing the overall carbon footprint of buildings. This is especially crucial in a region like the UAE, where energy conservation is a top priority due to the extreme climate conditions.

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