Concrete hollow block mould in Mozambique

Two sets of hollow block moulds send to customer in Mozambique.

Hollow block mould at 400x150x200mm,with three holes,for Turkish block making machine with the pallet size at 900x900mm,it allows to get 10pcs/mould.


For the hollow block mould beam, It can obviously seen from the picture that there is no welding, but fasten by bolt only, the advantage of this manufacturing method is that it can effectively prevent the mold suspension beam from easily breaking due to welding, and more greatly extend the service life of the mold. This design has been patented by our company.



Concrete Hollow Block Mould is a fundamental asset for the construction sector, offering reliable performance, durability, and precision in producing hollow concrete blocks. With its technical features and main functions, hollow block mould is an indispensable tool for enhancing construction efficiency and quality.


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