Concrete grass paver mold in Poland

One set of concrete grass paver mould will send to Poland customer this week. The mould at the size of 400x200x80mm,to be used in Poyatos Novabloc block making machine, allows to get 8pcs/mould.


The Concrete Block Mould is engineered with high-precision technology to produce consistent and accurate concrete blocks. It is made of high-strength materials that ensure longevity and durability. The mould's surface is specially treated to make it scratch-resistant, preventing any damage to the block's surface during the production process.


Our moulds are all thought strict production manufacturing technique:

Fabrication way of paver mould: Wire cutting

Heat treatment: Carburization and Nitriding Hardness

Material for Mould:16#Manganese Steel, NM500, etc.

Hardness: HRC58-HRC62


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