Concrete hollow block mould in Qatar

Packing one set of hollow block mould 400x200x200mm for our Qatar customer, whose machine model is MASA 9002XL block making machine, with the pallet size at 1400x1300mm,at 18pcs/drop.


The block mould is designed by precise size with clean edges and surfaces. It is constructed using advanced molding techniques to ensure dimensional accuracy and strength. The smooth interior surface of the mould facilitates easy to de-mould, reducing production time and improving efficiency. Additionally, the material composition of the mould provides resistance to wear and tear, ensuring a longer lifespan.


Our Main Products Include:lnterlocking Paver Mould, Concrete Hollow Block Mould, Concrete Curb Stone Mould, Stoneface paver mould, water conservancy resistant block. Now factory have HESS RH1400-3 paver mold and Poyatos novabloc900 hollow block mould were producing.


Please contact with us if also have a high level quality requirement for mould.

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